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Dominic Cleary FwSS (Fellow with The Shiatsu Society). For an explanation of the different categories of The Shiatu Society go here: https://www.shiatsusociety.org/membership-categories

Dominic trained at The Shiatsu College with all of the main teachers; Clifford Andrews, Carola Beresford-Cooke, Paul Lundberg, Nicola Ley and Dinah John. He attends (or participates online) CPD yearly.

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Tai Chi Chuan

The form of Tai Chi he teaches was brought to this country by Miss Rose Li (1928 – 2001) and is of the Yang (Pan-hou) Lineage. Originally taught to him by Anne Palmer, Dominic has subsequently been working with another senior student of Li’s, Shifu Andy James. http://www.torontotaichimeditationcentre.com

Shifu Andy James


Originally introduced to Qigong by Paul Lundberg and Nicola Ley at The Shiatsu College, Dominic works with two forms of Five Element Qigong as well as The 8 Brocades. He also teaches the Hunyuan 12 Step form, as taught to him by Richard Druitt, a teacher from Puerto Rico who studies with Chen Zhonghua. http://practicalmethod.com

He is currently working with TaiChi Shibashi (18) Qigong through Zoom sessions at present:

Contact Dominic to book a shiatsu treatment or find out about classes he teaches:

01207 565813 or mobile 07766014912

email: dominic.cleary@gmail.com