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IDOS therapists and practitioners meeting to exchange feedback following a four week option exploring complementary practices offered by IDOS in Newcastle. The ethos of IDOS is primarily to promote, provide and further greater understanding how health generally can be better understood from a cooperative platform – from the ancient wisdom of human experience represented by the complementary therapies alongside the very latest understandings of modern medicine. The students attending universally praised their experience and showed a real willingness to understand our health & wellbeing from perspectives not readily available to them. Roll on the next cohort!

IDOS – A new wellbeing centre opening at St.Peter’s Wharf, Newcastle

Come and learn Qigong (sometimes pronounced ‘chee-gung’) at IDOS, a new wellbeing centre based in St. Peter’s Wharf, a stone’s throw from Newcastle upon Tyne’s Quayside. The class starts on Monday November 8th and consecutive Mondays from 11am to 12.30pm. Address is: Unit 23, St Peters Wharf, Newcastle NE6 1TZ.

Qigong is an ancient exercise system practised for centuries by millions of Chinese people which is taking off in popularity now in the west. Qigong is easy to learn and enjoyable to do. Even a few minutes of practise can have an invigorating and rejuvenating effect. The benefits of qigong include lowered stress and anxiety, increased focus, improved balance and flexibility, and a more positive outlook on the world. Many of us now want to maintain good health and stay well – so don’t wait to be ill. If you’re interested in calming your mind and body, don’t take our word for it, give it a try!

The class will be 1 ½ hrs in length. It will include a period of seated meditation at the end whenever possible. The idea is to be outside as much as the weather permits – so bring coats, hats & gloves. We will find as suitable a place close to the Tyne as is practical. The cost is £13 for a one-off session, and £44 for four consecutive classes. Please let us know if you wish to attend, and it is perfectly OK to just show up on the day as well.

The teacher is Dominic Cleary FWSS, a member of the team at IDOS. Dominic has been teaching Qigong and Tai Chi (a ‘cousin’ of qigong) for 27 years. He is also a Shiatsu practitioner who will be providing sessions on Monday afternoons. He can be contacted on mob. 07766014912, email: Facebook: shiatsutaichiqigong

“A man is born gentle and weak; at his death he is hard and stiff. All things, including the grass and trees, are soft and pliable in life; dry and brittle in death. Stiffness is thus a companion of death; flexibility a companion of life. An army that cannot yield will be defeated. A tree that cannot bend will crack in the wind. The hard and stiff will be broken; the soft and supple will prevail.”

IDOS website:

During the pandemic I created some home help videos to assist with common problems like anxiety, insomnia, lower back ache etc. Have a look – there could be something there to help you!


Baguazhang (also spelled Pa Kua Chang) is one of the most graceful and effective of the Chinese martial arts. With its fast circular walking and continuous, coiling, turning, twisting movements, Bauazhang has been likened to a spinning energy ball, a fan or a tornado…also to the waist of a dragon, ever turning and twisting.  Baguazhang practitioners can attack or defend while rapidly walking or turning.

Like the two other main styles of “Internal” Martial Arts – Tai Chi Chuan and Xing Yi Quan – Ba Gua Zhang is an integrated mind-body art that uses powerful wave-like whole body dynamics and continuous, circular techniques based on Yin-yang principles of flow and balance.

Benefits include surprisingly effective self-defence capabilities, aerobic training, improved breathing and coordination, increased flexibility and whole body speed and internal energy skills (Qigong). Since it is based on the same principles as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), its training can be as beneficial for internal health as for martial prowess.

Session at: Gosforth Parish Church Hall, Wardle St NE3 1AN. Parking available.

Date: 14th June 2019

Time: 1 – 4pm

Cost: £45

To Book: Call Dominic Cleary FwSS on 07766014912,


Suitable for: Anyone interested in Martial Arts – beginners and those with some experience. Donna’s biography is here:

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3 Fife Terrace Blackhall Mill, Tyne & Wear, NE17 7TE.

Students enjoyed a mixed schedule of classes, opportunities for trips to local venues and great company and good food. The course was set in the peace of the Umbrian countryside just south of Perugia.

I have been receiving shiatsu from Dominic for many years now as well as participating in his Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes. I have found this support from him truly life changing and it has affected my life in many positive ways, both personally and professionally as a psychotherapist/counsellor. I have a connected and caring relationship with my body now and I have much more understanding of the profound wisdom of my body, both from an embodied learning by experience and from learning the philosophy behind the work that Dominic does. Dominic is hugely devoted to helping others in his work and is a gifted teacher. Having been supported by him for a long period of time, I know he engages in continuous learning and I can see how his work has developed over time so he can support others in the best possible way he can. I feel strongly about the healing power of the work he does and have recommended him to many people who could benefit greatly from this type of support.

Tania Davies

When I was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer my immediate reactions were, I imagine, similar to most peoples’, that is a mixture of shock, hopelessness, and resignation. I imagined my body’s defences to be puny and inadequate against it, and the treatment to be harsh, not very effective, and often worse than the disease itself.

After quite a long period of very low spirits, and three courses of ineffective chemotherapy, I went to the Bristol Centre and took part in one of their five-day retreats. That was the beginning of my seeing things through different eyes, and making up my mind that I was going to take some control back and make a more positive contribution to my own recovery. After a good deal of reading and exploration, I decided on a package that I thought would be best for me and that included shiatsu. This was to be the therapy of my choice that would complement chemotherapy. I did not at any time wish to abandon conventional medicine and indeed have had a fourth series of infusions since.

I had not actually experienced shiatsu before contacting Dominic, so I cannot say what drew me to this particular practice. I think, however, that when one is genuinely and deeply seeking what is best for one as an individual, from a physical, mental and spiritual point of view, some sort of intuition or inner wisdom takes over. Dominic was recommended to me by my herbalist, to whom I happened to mention I was thinking about shiatsu. I had no idea what to expect or what was involved, and so I went into my first session on trust. I did not have any particular expectations or requirements.

I think it would be true to say of most therapies that one session is probably not enough to be able to form any conclusion as to whether it is going to be beneficial or not. I expect it will vary from person to person, but I would think that two or three sessions of shiatsu or ‘settling in period’ might be required. I would also think it would not be the choice of anybody, who for whatever reason, is uncomfortable with being touched, as it is a very ‘hands on’ therapy. I also think it would be very important to find a practitioner with whom one can communicate or feel there is some rapport. A situation of trust definitely needs to exist.

I think what I get from shiatsu is, above all, a sense of being brought back into balance. This carries with it a sense of peace, calm, and confidence in what one is trying to achieve, that is a return to full health. The overall effect is a remarkable sort of double state or contradiction in terms – a quiet tranquility, coupled with a huge surge of energy, and a feeling of exhilaration and being invigorated. I feel more relaxed physically, reassured emotionally, and enlightened spiritually.

As my tumours are near to my Liver and my Kidneys, I ask Dominic to concentrate on boosting and strengthening the function of these organs. Also I ask him to help with keeping my energy levels high, as this is vital to boost the function of my immune system to maintain the destruction of cancer cells. At my last scan, in May, my tumours were shrinking.

I don’t imagine shiatsu will be for everybody, each person has to devise their own package of therapies and decide what suits them best. However, I am convinced I have made the right decision to include shiatsu in my regimen.

From a shiatsu patient who has cancer

To whom it may concern.
In November 2013 I suffered an ‘atrial flutter’ and was to be scheduled for a ‘cardioversion’ early in the new year to correct my heartbeat. In the interim I attended for a cardiac ‘scan’ and it was found that the heartbeat had corrected itself,which I gather is not that common an occurrence.The senior medical physics technician asked what I had been doing (that may have helped) and I explained that I was having Shiatsu massage and was meditating and doing’ cardiac coherence’ exercises. He felt sure this would have certainly helped.
I would also add that my weight has continued to fall and due to this my blood sugar levels have been very near normal levels much to the great surprise of my Practice nurse at my last assessment. (I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes about 10 years ago). Again I think the Shiatsu has played a large part in this.
P. B.