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IDOS therapists and practitioners meeting to exchange feedback following a four week option exploring complementary practices offered by IDOS in Newcastle. The ethos of IDOS is primarily to promote, provide and further greater understanding how health generally can be better understood from a cooperative platform – from the ancient wisdom of human experience represented by the complementary therapies alongside the very latest understandings of modern medicine. The students attending universally praised their experience and showed a real willingness to understand our health & wellbeing from perspectives not readily available to them. Roll on the next cohort!

IDOS – A new wellbeing centre opening at St.Peter’s Wharf, Newcastle

Come and learn Qigong (sometimes pronounced ‘chee-gung’) at IDOS, a new wellbeing centre based in St. Peter’s Wharf, a stone’s throw from Newcastle upon Tyne’s Quayside. The class starts on Monday November 8th and consecutive Mondays from 11am to 12.30pm. Address is: Unit 23, St Peters Wharf, Newcastle NE6 1TZ.

Qigong is an ancient exercise system practised for centuries by millions of Chinese people which is taking off in popularity now in the west. Qigong is easy to learn and enjoyable to do. Even a few minutes of practise can have an invigorating and rejuvenating effect. The benefits of qigong include lowered stress and anxiety, increased focus, improved balance and flexibility, and a more positive outlook on the world. Many of us now want to maintain good health and stay well – so don’t wait to be ill. If you’re interested in calming your mind and body, don’t take our word for it, give it a try!

The class will be 1 ½ hrs in length. It will include a period of seated meditation at the end whenever possible. The idea is to be outside as much as the weather permits – so bring coats, hats & gloves. We will find as suitable a place close to the Tyne as is practical. The cost is £13 for a one-off session, and £44 for four consecutive classes. Please let us know if you wish to attend, and it is perfectly OK to just show up on the day as well.

The teacher is Dominic Cleary FWSS, a member of the team at IDOS. Dominic has been teaching Qigong and Tai Chi (a ‘cousin’ of qigong) for 27 years. He is also a Shiatsu practitioner who will be providing sessions on Monday afternoons. He can be contacted on mob. 07766014912, email: Facebook: shiatsutaichiqigong

“A man is born gentle and weak; at his death he is hard and stiff. All things, including the grass and trees, are soft and pliable in life; dry and brittle in death. Stiffness is thus a companion of death; flexibility a companion of life. An army that cannot yield will be defeated. A tree that cannot bend will crack in the wind. The hard and stiff will be broken; the soft and supple will prevail.”

IDOS website:

Greetings Dominic,
Really enjoyed your company on Friday and it was insightful chatting to the girls and hearing their views on their life’s experiences to date.
Joining your class was merely a fluke! (A great one at that!)
It all started when I had treatment on my shoulder and thighs to make them more flexible following the Yoga classes I started with Aimi Dunstan.
I read with interest the Qigong sessions on Friday’s from the Therapy centre’s menu card in reception.  And the rest shall we say is history…
What has the Qigong journey meant for me?
Well… one of my old bosses a very successful entrepreneur used to say and I quote: “IF YOU GET UP EARLY ENOUGH YOU CAN STAY IN BED ALL DAY!”
That is the relaxing effect Qigong has on me and helps me to live by that adage.  I translate the Qigong Chinese medicine name as “Energy Life moving”
Simple things like:-
* Learning how to breathe properly.  ( I turn 57 years of age on Tuesday and no one has ever told me the correct way to breath using my abdomen as a massage tool to the inner organs. I like allot of people when stressed revert to opposite breathing i.e. breathing the chest out on the in breadth like glorified sighing).
Exercising at only 70% of the bodies stretch potential ( Not locking-out the joints, thereby allowing the free flow of Qi (Chee).
Visualisation of colour energising the body.
Feeling totally calm and relaxed.
Making the 10 minute standing exercise a daily discipline, which in turn has helped my vitality, stamina and overall energy.  AWESOME!
The feeling of being in a good grounded environment permanently.
The feeling of being in control of my thoughts.
The list goes on and on……
I believe through the regular use of Qigong I have accomplished the feeling of being “in bed all day”.
If I had to give up any part of my exercise regime which is Jogging, swimming, badminton, yoga and Qigong.
Everything else would go first. The Qigong would be the last thing standing! (For 10 minutes that is! resting on the space hopper. Ha! Ha!)
Hope these few words help fellow newbies?
“Wising you and your family a great Christmas and will see you on the 10th Jan. God willing”.
Best wishes,
John G Garrett


In April 2008, I was admitted to hospital, where I was told I was suffering from Chronic Cardiac Failure and had I not sought medical help I would, most likely, not have survived the next 48 hours. My condition was stabilised but I was told I would have to take the drugs for the rest of my life and learn to ‘know my limitations’.

I felt that this was a small price to pay for a reasonable return to health, although there were restrictions on what I could do.  I suffered from numbness in my hands and fingers and this stopped me from writing for more than a few minutes, or using the computer. Sewing had been a great hobby with me and I could no longer hold the needle.

I continued to be monitored by the cardiologist and my heart condition remained unchanged.  I had been warned that there would not be any improvement.

In 2010, I read about H.O.P.S. in the Sunderland Echo and booked a Shiatsu massage. It was then I learned of the Tai Chi classes.  My husband, Peter, had done karate and kendo in the past and I thought he might be interested. He persuaded me to go along with him and we found we both enjoyed it.  We later joined the new Chi Kung class too.

On my next visit to the cardio team, I had my usual scan and the doctor asked me what I had been doing differently since my last visit.  The only thing was Tai Chi and Chi Kung.  He smiled and said I should continue as my heart function had IMPROVED and this was totally unexpected.   The Cardio team were so pleased with my progress, that they have discharged me into the care of my GP. This again is apparently unusual for my condition

I  have followed his advice and although I still continue to take the drugs, I feel well and the numbness in my hands and fingers has all but disappeared and my breathlessness is very much reduced, so much so that I rarely need my inhaler. We have both noticed that we rarely have a cold and if we do it does not seem to last so long.

Another unexpected development is that I have recently been discharged by the endocrinologist who had been monitoring a small lesion on the right adrenal gland.  He encouraged me to “Live long and prosper.” This I am very happy to do!”

Both Peter and I hope to continue with the classes well into the future and wish H.O.P.S. every success.”

Valerie Holt


“Attending Chi Kung has been life-changing for me and I would highly recommend the classes. Dominic is a gifted teacher who is passionate about his work and he is a great role model for self care. I have found Chi Kung invaluable to help to avoid becoming overwhelmed, especially when taking care of others.  I wish everyone could understand just how helpful it is for healing and that many more people in helping professions could learn this way to take better care of themselves. “

Tania Davies, UKCP registered and BACP accredited psychotherapist and counsellor