This is from a recent client having shiatsu from a new venue in Northumberland:

Hi you Hexhamites or near Hexhamites
Hope you’re all well.
Yesterday I went to the Therapy Centre in Hexham for a Shiatsu treatment with Dominic Cleary.  The whole experience was so good I thought you might want to know about it.
The Therapy Centre is the largest in the N of England, and apparently it’s been open a couple of months or so.  The large building itself is interesting too; it was an old workhouse.  The space I was in was really calm and pleasant, and the cafe with home-made soups, cakes, as well as peace and love, was funky.  It’s in Corbridge Rd opposite the hospital.
Some of you may remember that I was really into Tai Chi and Qigong; that’s my connection here: I have learned those with Dominic over the past 12 years.  He’s doing 2 for 1 on Shiatsu until the end of June.  Shiatsu’s good for any musculo-skeletal twinges or injuries, and lots else too.  Those legions building the Wall could really have done with this place.
Regards to all