Hi Dominic
The two classes I’ve attended have been amazing!  Talk about chi energy being released!  After a tough year I felt that my first class with you unblocked so much stuff and I’ve been warm from the inside out ever since!  
I really like the pace of your class – (I’ve attended too many classes where it feels like you’re being fast-tracked through the process and then I often get the sinking feeling that I’m not doing it properly), so the way you explain everything and the relaxed pace is perfect for me, I really believe your way of teaching is a confidence builder.
Oh – one more thing, I’m noticing when I’m moving with fluidity and when I’m moving in a tense staccato way, after only two classes I’m already wanting to move with more ease and flow! Thanks Dominic.
I look forward to seeing you and the rest of the class on the 28th.
Take care.