qigong Feedback from a class in Newcastle

These are all from students from the class – some named, some not…

The Mon morning class is easy for beginners to access even though some members have been going for several years. It feels calm and peaceful at the time, and leads to feeling refreshed afterwards. Dominic demonstrates the movements in a straightforward way with lots of helpful explanation and also very interesting background information. As one of the beginners, I am aware that others who are more experienced with the movements are able to focus on improving them and get them more automatic, as well as go into more depth by focussing more on the breathing and visualisation. So it is a class which amazingly can cope with people with different levels of experience all together. Julia

I am quite new to Qigong—-but from the very first time of attending the class, my mind was totally absorbed by the moves—-and I was especially impressed when I heard from the group that some of them have been attending Dominic’s class for years! There is no better endorsment than that.  Nadia

Monday’s Qi Gong calms the mind, makes connections between body and soul, stretches the limbs, strengthens the spirit; so, starts a good week. Regards, Frances

Speaking generally about Qi Gong and without  reference to our particular group and its timing, I would say the following – The Qi Gong I do with you makes me concentrate on myself and how I feel both generally and in response to the movements. It gives me an energy fix, without the calories which come with a bar of chocolate! It does not exhaust me but I always end the class feeling better than when I started and with a positive attitude.
Hope this helps! Best wishes, Pauline

After the class I feel full of energy, centred and calm, this lasts usually for several days depending of course on what else is going on! Over the few years I have been doing QG I have felt far more supple in body and fit and healthy generally and have lost some weight. Along with meditation I think my awareness has increased doing QG too. Hope this helps!

 I have found the Qigong classes in Gosforth run by Dominic extremely beneficial. The exercise is gentle but positive. I have been diagnosed with blood cancer and am unable to do more strenuous activities so I have found Qigong particularly suitable. I would recommend it to anyone however – fit or with health problems.  Ellie Brown

 I find that my body feels more flexible and alive after the qigong class. I am sure it helps develop stamina and as I am not a keen exerciser it is a kind, gentle way of caring for my body.  It also helps that the teacher creates a non-competitive, enjoyable atmosphere which Dominic does!!